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It started with a Pin Pinterest is a tool for discovering things you love, and doing those things in real life. Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra co-founded our site in March 2010. Since then, we’ve helped millions of people pick up new hobbies, find their style and plan life’s important projects.

We’re helping millions of people feel more inspired in their everyday lives. Join us.

First of all, what's Pinterest?

Pinterest is a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you.

What are Pins?

Pins are visual bookmarks. Each Pin you see on Pinterest links back to the site it came from, so you can learn more—like how to make it or where to buy it.

Pin the things that inspire you

Collect things you find around the web, or look through Pins already on Pinterest to see what other people have found.

Let’s say you’re on Pinterest and find a soft pretzel recipe that looks perfect for next month’s Big Game potluck. Pin it to your Grub board (boards are where you collect your Pins—more on that in the next section!) so you can find it when you’re ready to bake.

When the Big Game weekend rolls around, just go back to your Pin and it’ll take you to the website with the recipe.

Collect your Pins on boards

Boards are where you collect your Pins. You can make boards for anything and everything—add pretzel recipes to your Grub board (done!), travel plans to your Going Places board, or watches and Aston Martins to your James Bond board.

Create a secret or group board

You can also make secret boards, or invite other people to Pin with you on a board. If you're relandscaping your backyard, invite family members or even your contractor to your Garden Remake board.

If the project’s for a special event and you don't want people to know about it yet, make a secret board and reveal it to the world whenever you're ready.

Your home feed is just for you

When you first log in to Pinterest, you’ll see your home feed—it’s a collection of Pins from the people and boards you follow, and related Pins. It updates every time there’s a new Pin.

Follow interesting boards and people

Following people and boards is how you fill up your home feed with good stuff. If you come across someone who Pins things you love, you can follow all their boards or just the ones you like best.

Sometimes you may follow someone’s boards and then notice that you’re not into the things they’re Pinning after all. That's okay! Just go to the board to unfollow it, or unfollow all of their boards.

Find whatever you’re looking for

If you’re looking for something specific—like bookshelf refurbishing DIYs—just do a search to see what other people have Pinned.

Get ideas from categories

Looking for ideas for your next family getaway but don’t have a destination in mind yet? Get inspiration from our category feeds, like Travel or Outdoors. We regularly update each feed with new Pins from that category.

Check out all your boards and Pins

Your Pins and boards live on your profile. After you’ve been Pinning for a while, you’ll notice your profile turning into a snapshot of who you are and what you’re interested in!

See how people are interacting with your stuff

When someone Pins, likes or comments on your Pins, or follows or mentions you, we’ll send you a notification.

Notifications are a great way to find new people and boards to follow. If someone adds your Aston Martin Pin to their own Classic Cars board, check out the board—you may find that you want to follow it.

Pinterest is a place for you to discover ideas for all your projects and interests. You Pin all those ideas on your boards.

You can fill up your home feed with fresh Pins by following people whose taste you admire. You’ll find lots of new ideas from your home feed, or by browsing through categories or doing searches.

That's it!

Pinterest Japanの案件
  • 正社員
    Growth Manager・東京都, 日本
    Growth Manager・東京都, 日本・正社員

    We’re looking for an experienced leader to help grow our business and connect great brands to millions of people. You’ll help top-tier businesses understand and get the most out of Pinterest, while creating a great experience for Pinners.


    • Develop new partners and help them grow their Pinterest content

    • Partner on scalable co-promotion initiatives that increase Pinterest awareness

    • Track, analyze, and communicate key quantitative metrics and business trends

    • Build and maintain strong direct relationships with executives and operational teams

    • Represent Pinterest for prospective partners and leverage speaking opportunities at industry conferences, etc.

    • Work with the product and engineering teams to respond to partner needs and feedback

    • A love of Pinterest

    • Ability to communicate technical products and concepts to a range of audiences

    • 2+ years of partner experience with notable companies

    • Experience in account management with global fortune 100 companies a plus

    • Experience in advertising, digital, or media sales a plus

    • Established industry relationships (media, brands, agencies and retailers)

    • Contract negotiation experience a plus

    • Experience working with executives and marketing leaders

    • You thrive in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment

    • Excellent presentation and communication skills

    • Strong team player

    • Native Japanese and fluent English speaker