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App Annie
San Francisco, United States
App Analytics
# of Employees
201 to 500 employees
Who are we?

App Annie is reinventing business intelligence products for the apps and digital goods economy. App Annie data and products are the industry standard, used by over 90 percent of the Top 100 publishers. More than 600,000 apps rely daily on App Annie Analytics to track their downloads, revenues, rankings and reviews. The company is tracking the most downloads and revenues of any app or eBook store market data company to date, at over 60+ billion downloads and more than $18 billion in app store revenues.

App Annie is a privately held global company of more than 240+ employees with offices in San Francisco, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Netherlands, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai and Moscow.

What do we do?

At App Annie, we believe there has been a radical shift in the way content is being distributed. In times gone by, print, radio, television, retail and the web have dominated as content distribution channels. Now however, the distribution of digital content is moving from the open web to digital superstores.

Market data is less readily available for digital superstores than the web. Enter App Annie. Our mission is to help businesses do “The Math Behind the App Stores”. Our products enable you to make educated business decisions about the app store ecosystem.

App Annie’s best-in-class technology infrastructure, analytics platforms, advanced statistical models and a world-class team of data engineers make this all possible. Since we started in 2009, our Analytics product has tracked more than 60 billion downloads and US$17 billion of app store revenue across iOS and Google Play, making us one of the largest companies globally in terms of app store market data tracked.

  • Other・Tokyo, Japan
    Full Time
    App Analytics・Tokyo, Japan・Full Time

    Reporting to the Principal Analyst in San Francisco, you will have a key role in a global team, where your work will directly spark international discussion at top-tier events or in leading business and tech press. If this resonates with you as an individual or a professional, then the Market Insights team could be the platform that allows you to excel. (This position can be based in Tokyo, San Francisco, Beijing, or London.)


    4 to 7 years professional working experience

    Desire to discover and communicate findings and trends to others in the app industry

    Strong analytical, quantitative, research, and writing skills

    Thrive working hands-on with large volumes of varied data and information with the curiosity to dive in and discover what is driving the trends

    Ability to understand and integrate that data and information into a compelling story

    Comfortable working with numbers and knowing how they should and shouldn’t be combined and analyzed

    Able to recognize the implications that changes in data will have on other data points

    Demonstrated experience finding relevant and credible external information on your own

    Deliver high-quality analytical writing that is informative, credible, readable, and engaging and will be picked up by the blogosphere and the tech press

    Take real ownership of your work with dedication to relevant detail and accuracy

    Manage overlapping projects and deadlines within a dynamic, challenging environment

    Motivated self-starter who’s always to looking to improve

    Prior work experience in the app, mobile, or tech spaces or in research, investment, or consulting companies; experience with the finance, advertising, media/entertainment, or books industries is a plus

    Native or highly fluent in speaking, reading, and writing Japanese. Fully fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English.