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Tokyo, Japan
# of Employees
1 to 10 employees
Who are we?

Our company provides a turnkey solution to your application needs for online features. From development to production phase, our support will allow you to create great services on virtually any platform, including our favorite target: mobile applications and games.

What do we do?

Thanks to our extensive field experience, we have learned the art of balancing all the important aspects of back-end conception, including, but not limited to:

* horizontal scalability: the ability to handle more users by increasing hardware resources
* security: resist to external aggressions such as hack attacks, DoS, or cheating
* availability and data safety: account for hardware failures to minimize their impact
* cloud-ready: recent IaaS offerings have opened the door to nearly unlimited resources, while helping keep costs to the minimum. By embracing technologies and designs adapted to cloud infrastructures, we put your application on a par with the most widely used online services worldwide

Finally, our engineers are like our applications: reliable and available. We are well aware that for a successful and smooth integration, it is absolutely necessary to keep the client side and server side in close collaboration at all time. Our team is fluent in Japanese, Englis