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# of Employees
11 to 50 employees
Who are we?

Ayonix Public Security (APS ver4.0) is an interactive real time face detection and recognition application which detects and identifies persons of interest supporting security staff, marketing departments and operations management in one single application.

Our company was officially founded in March 2007 by four Japanese entrepreneurs who recognized the fast growing need in the field of biometrics. The core face technology was being developed since early 2000. By getting support of our government and industry customers, Ayonix have significantly grown and delivered a wide range of reliable Face applications to satisfy their needs.
Ayonix intensively delivered Face recognition products for security industry by 2012. Ayonix started to develop Ayonix proprietary world’s fastest 3D Face engine after 2012 and now Ayonix has developed the most accurate 3D engine called “Air-1 Engine”
Ayonix now provides more products which have more advanced features such as Gender and Age detector, Sm

What do we do?

Ayonix’s face recognition products can be used for access control systems, surveillance systems, computer security, banking, entertainment, law enforcement applications, customer management system and many more.
Ayonix face recognition technology and applications are fully developed by Ayonix R&D team and Application team. Neither outsourcing nor third-party licensing is done. We take advantage of this to fast respond customer needs.
Latest face recognition tests (NIST 2014 vendor test) has proven that Ayonix is the second fastest company in the world and the fastest company in commercial face products. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

**Key points to choose Ayonix:**

Ayonix develops face recognition technologies and applications for retail and government customers all around the world.

Ayonix has been chosen as the second fastest company in NIST 2014 evaluation tests which proves the performance of our Face recognition software.

Ayonix products are available