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Trabble Singapore
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1 to 10 employees
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Who are we?


Who doesn’t love to travel? After all, travelling is always an adventure, a getaway, a time for new experiences and friendships. But we have to admit that travelling can be extremely troublesome at times, when you get lost in a foreign place, unable to make decisions on what to eat or communicate with the locals due to language barriers – there are so many ways a trip can go wrong.

And just like most of the world’s population, we are passionate about travel. We believe travelling should be easy as well as hassle-free, and so we came up with Trabble – redefining concierge services and your average search engine. With trabble, we seek to change how people travel and see the world - collaborating with the local travel industry, leveraging on local services and experts to provide answers that travellers need.

What do we do?


Just like Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo or even Mike Spencer Brown, you can too be an explorer right here at trabble to influence and create better travel experiences for travellers. As a young travel tech start-up in Singapore, we aspire to use tech solutions to create a seamless travel experience that serves an ever growing flow of travellers in this world that is becoming smaller. With Trabble, the only thing travellers need to worry about is how to have fun.

And so, Trabble invites you on board this journey with us to make a change to the world like how the famous explorers did, with a team who share the same love for travelling and exploration! We are looking for explorers like you to lead in Trabble’s expansion beyond the Singapore travel platform and connect us with travellers all over the world.

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“Where Travellers Become Explorers”
We aim to make local resources universally accessible and relevant for every traveller, enabling them socially.

Expect to make travel hassle free and empower the travellers to explore without doubts. Be it for leisure, business, chasing bucket lists, or exploration; for everyone to travel with Trabble.

We have the largest hosteliers as mentors, a first customer and a problem that awaits our solution. Due to the increasing manpower costs of the front desk operations as well as a move towards self-check in automation, the idea for Trabble came about as a specialised concierge service to provide a one-stop travel solution for travellers who want quick access to recommendations and services on the go.

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    (a) You’ll get to wear multiple hats.

    Start-ups are fast-paced and we work closely as a team. You will get to be exposed to multiple roles that you don’t have the chance to in big firms. As a team, we work together to solve any problems and involve ourselves whenever and wherever we are needed.

    At the same time, you are given lots of flexibility, space and opportunities for you to grow. Everyone on the team gets to learn on the job, a chance to spearhead and gain ownership over projects. We value every bit of contribution and we grow together as a team.

    (b) Be ready to take on challenges.

    As the Explorer, your main responsibilities will be to: • Establishing partnerships and collaborations with local travel industry • Identifying business opportunities through evaluating, researching and analysing positions of partners • Understand hostel management processes and operations • Web and social media marketing • Communications and strategy planning • Execute customer validation, speak to tourists and garner insights • Assist in user testing and feedback



    The main requirements to be an explorer at Trabble are simple because we always welcome people who are willing to learn and have a strong passion for working in a start-up, especially one relating to travel.

    Aside from that, we also prefer people who:

    • Have a strong interest and passion in working for a start-up • Are proficient in English and Cantonese/Japanese • Have good written and verbal communication skills • Experience in marketing • Outgoing Personality • Proactive and initiated • Resilient and team-oriented member, with a strong sense of accountability and responsibility • Fast learner, able to pick up new skill sets wherever necessary • Able to work on projects independently • Able to thrive in a fast-paced environment and be versatile