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    We are seeking rails developers, devops engineers and iOS developers to join our growing development team and to help develop our web application: Conyac

    About Conyac: Conyac is the simplest & fastest human-powered translation service. The users of Conyac comprises of two different groups: clients and translators. Our clients use Conyac to make translation requests (by either uploading a file such as a word, power point, or text files, or by copy-and-pasting text), and our translators are users from all over the world who profit from translating our clients’ requests.

    We have developed several new products over the past couple of years. Conyac Market is a marketplace for translators and translation clients. Conyac Front is a service we’ve built that allows websites to translated versions of websites to be created automatically, using translators from our platform. We also plan to develop a new iOS application this year.

    Working as a developer at Conyac, you will have an opportunity to bring your skills and ideas to the table. Your own ideas to improve the service are welcome.

    There is a weekly developers meeting where we discuss current progress, issues, and new features. During this meeting, development tasks are assigned. Learning new skills and technology on the job is encouraged and supported.

    Working Hours: Monday – Friday (flexible hours but a required 8 hours a day)

    We also allow one day of remote work per week. If you find that you can focus and work better outside of the office, please use this day to your advantage.

    We use both English and Japanese in the office.

    Working for anydooR will be a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Our staff members are very positive, supportive, hard working, and friendly people.

    Here are some of the tools we use. It’s not necessarily required that you have experience in these, as any good programmer can pick up new languages and tools quickly. But if you are curious, here’s a short list.

    Languages: Ruby, JavaScript (node.js), Swift Framework: RubyOnRails 4.2 DB:MySQL, Redis, BigQuery Other tools: Docker, fluentd, Chef, Capistrano, CircleCI, AWS Communication: Hipchat Source Control: GitHub

    Expenses that are reimbursed include:

    Traveling expenses Work-related software / material Airfare (if coming from abroad) We look forward to hearing from you.

    How to apply:

    Please include these in your application. Briefly talk about your experience as a programmer. Answer some questions such as: What projects have you enjoyed working on? Which have you disliked? What motivates you?
    A link to a sample of some code you have written that you are proud of. Repositories on github/bitbucket/etc are preferable. Links to online profiles you use (GitHub, Twitter, etc).