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Tokyo, Japan
HR Tech Company, Startup Community Builder
# of Employees
1 to 10 employees
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Office space
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Who are we?

We are not just a job board...
We are not just a recruiting consultant...
We are not just an event organizer...

We are a small team that is extremely passionate about creating opportunities for skilled and creative individuals that want to solve problems and improve lives. We are based in Japan and we use this as a base to boost the innovation environment.

What do we do?

Our product is Justa. A platform for startups in Japan; in terms of talent, infrastructure and support.

For job seekers:

Finding jobs at startups can be challenging for a job seeker due to lack of market information and network.
We provide job seekers with successful startups and their job positions in the startup ecosystem in Japan.

For startups:

Startups are constantly looking for top talents in the market and increasing number of people in Japan are willing to working in the startup ecosystem. Then, how come hiring top talents in the startup market has been this difficult?
We are not only just a job board but also a tech startup ourselves. We have deep understanding of the market problems and are expert in consulting the problems your startups are facing in hiring processes.
With Justa's company management page, your hiring activity will be a lot more organized, efficient, and even fun!

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Our mission is to boost the Japanese startup scene by making recruitment and hiring easier, cheaper, and more effective for both candidates and companies.

Through our digital platform and matching service we cater to startups of all sizes, shapes and needs.

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International, youthful, fast-paced and innovative!

We have a great team with each of us having different international backgrounds and open minds. We are open to each other and communication is very active. Each of us has different strengths that complement each other. That's what teamwork is all about, isn't it?
Join us for fun, challenging, and fulfilling work experience!

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Head of Product at Justa.

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Full-Stack Engineer at Justa.

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Sales Associate at Justa.

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Hakim is a polyglot team player who enjoys working in international startup environment at Justa Japan. He arrived to Japan in 2011 to study at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and his favourite local food is teishouku and yakitori. He is passionate about soccer, running and playing guitar.


His dream is a world where everybody is happy at work.

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Marketing Associate at Justa.

  • Marketing & PR・Tokyo, Japan
    HR Tech Company, Startup Community Builder・Tokyo, Japan・Internship

    Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Offline & Events

    Justa team is currently looking for a Marketer who can help us expand our market.

    Roles and Responsibilities: ・Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin) ・Planning and running digital advertisement (Facebook, Google Adwords) ・Building and running Email campaigns ・Organizing events ・Running a blog on Wordpress (Writing an article, sharing it on social media, SEO)

    Marketing experience is not required but is nice to have. If you enjoy using social media, are good at writing in Japanese, and are able to communicate in English, you are perfect for this role.

    If you show great commitment and performance, you will be considered to be hired for the full-time position.


    ・Someone who can break the ice with just about anyone. ・Willing to learn how to prospect and nurture new relationships into business opportunities. ・Strong written and verbal communication skills in both English and Japanese. ・Work independently, be able to prioritize and focus, and take initiative.