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東京都, 日本

Lang-8, inc. are the makers of and the Q&A service HiNative.

HiNative is the Q&A app for language learners, connecting native speakers of over 120 languages around the world.

• Ask questions about your target language

• Answer questions about your native language

• Learn about other cultures and other countries from the friendliest community on the web!

Lang-8, inc.の案件
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    東京都, 日本
    東京都, 日本・正社員

    HiNative is the Q&A app for language learners available on iOS, Android, and the Web.

    The iOS app was originally built with Objective-C, but we're currently moving over to Swift. The ratio is about 1:1 right now.

    We're looking for someone to help take care of development on the iOS app, in particular, converting legacy Objective-C code to Swift and adding in new features. We use ReactiveCocoa (FRP), Swinject (DI Container), and Swiftz. The app is built on the VIPER architecture.


    • 2 - 3 years of iOS development experience • Proficiency with Swift, Objective-C, and the iOS SDK • Experience with client-server based development • Currently (or soon to be) located in Tokyo • Interested in language learning and passionate about making it easier for people to learn about languages and cultures