It's easy to be uniquely you
ファッション・Hong Kong・従業員数 1〜10

We are a crew of T-shirt lovers, passionate about creating. We’re setting out to start a revolution that puts creativity front and center. To us, a T-shirt is more than an article of clothing-- it’s a canvas for self-expression. We believe that everyone can be creative and that the world is a better place when we are all free to express our unique points of view.

We strive to challenge the old way of doing things by creating new value through technology. That’s why we’re designing tools that open up the creative process and put the power to create in everyone’s hands.


We create the Snaptee app! Connect your photo or Instagram albums, apply a custom filter, choose a fun font and change up the color. You can use a cool design template or go freestyle. Try out the Remix function to re-interpret designs you like. The possibilities are endless inside Snaptee so let your imagination fly!