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Tokyo, Japan
IT service, Chatbot
# of Employees
1 to 10 employees
Office map
Who are we?

"Active-listening based online therapy bot"
【What we are working on now】
We are currently building a chatbot providing therapy based on active-listening.

【Our situation...】
-Planning to start from US
-Still prototyping term
-Just two members in this project
-Financially stable for startup since this project is financially supported by one company

What do we do?

【Our clients】
People who suffer from loneliness, depression, stress and seek for anyone to vent for.

【The problems our clients has】
They dont have anyone to vent their problem.

【The reason it happens】
-their topic is too negative
-their emotion comes up at the time people are busy(early morning or midnight)
-it takes long time to listen to them and high frequency
-they are afraid of being judge

And chatbot never cause those problems:)

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Provide free and 24/7 available service for people who suffer.

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Since our team is still small, there is not any barrier among us.
Communication is fast. We do not have strong skill at development side but we have passion and motivation.
Love chatting. Always good atmosphere in our office.
You are always welcomed to our office!

Also we want to create our culture with you.

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Hi! I am Rintaro! I graduated university this March. I majored entrepreneurship there. I was studying in California state university for two semesters as well!
Its all fun to study new things! Very passionate and motivated everyday. I am excited to see you soon!

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Hi! I am Yuya! I studied economics in Osaka university and graduated this March! I was also studying in National Autonomous University of Mexico(UNAM) for two semesters, so I speak Spanish and English.
We are young and really passionate to make the world better!