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Fukuoka, Japan
Internet Service & Application for Outdoor Activities
# of Employees
1 to 10 employees
Who are we?

YAMAP is born to make your outdoors, such as hike or ski, more safety, and more enjoyable with your smartphone. YAMAP App can track and log your outdoors, view elevation info, and build an online outdoor journal. 
Love & share the outdoors with YAMAP !

What do we do?

■□■ Three Main Features of YAMAP ■□■

1) Safe

◆YAMAP App makes your smartphone a special GPS device for the outdoors.

YAMAP App could provide accurate positioning information with YAMAP's maps in Japan and your smartphone's GPS, even if you are in places not reached by mobile phone signals, such as in mountainous regions.

2) Convenience

◆ YAMAP Hybrid Maps

YAMAP's maps are used as digital ones with your smartphone, and as ones on paper by downloading them to your PC (or tablet PC).

3) Share

◆You can easily share your outdoor data with your family and friends through YAMAP Web service.

Once you finish your outdoor and save your data, YAMAP App automatically uploads to your online 'ACTIVITY REPORT' on YAMAP Web service (http://yamap.co.jp) where you can view your route, outdoor data, and a comprehensive workout history. In addition, YAMAP gives you the ability to easily share your outdoor data with friends and family.