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Givery Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
# of Employees
11 to 50 employees
Who are we?

“We create engineers who make the world better.”
We are GiT (Givery Technology), a sub-division of givery inc.
Our core businesses are consulting, recruitment, education, and organizing hackathons. Our hackathons, JPHACKS, are the largest hackathons in Japan.
At GiT, Our mission is to build an educational and startup ecosystem for engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs in Asia.

What do we do?

We have launched web services, such as “CODEPREP” and “Cody’s Check” for educating and scoring engineers. And, we are continuing to create new products and services that will add value to society.
CODEPREP is an educational programming web service.
Anyone can learn to code in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, etc.
■Cody's Check(https://codys-check.com/)
Cody’s Check is a radical web service which can valuate programming skills using a “keystroke logging video” like youtube. And we also be able to quantify their skills. In these days, recruiters could see only engineers’ qualitative skills in interviews and resumes. But if you use Cody’s Check, you’ll be able to know how they’re thinking and coding watching a keystroke logging video.
■Development & Growth
“Engineer” who we define is a creative person can create services and products which is needed no matter when. To make our mission come true, we will be “Engineer” and strengthen our devel