Tokyo, Japan
Digital Product Design
# of Employees
Who are we?

AQ is a team of designers, developers and researchers building products that help people do great things and learn from the world around them.
Founded in Tokyo, 2004. In Paris since 2014.

We're a diverse bunch.
AQ and its alumni carry passports from Japan, Australia, Switzerland, France, the US, the UK, Russia, Korea and Panama. We get postcards from everywhere.

We work hard, play hard.
Running events, exhibition visits, game nights, coffee tastings, tree climbing, and drawing safaris—there's always something going on.

Our doors are open.
We host monthly designer/developer meetups and have lots of lunch guests: developers, artists, designers, writers, researchers, teachers, and family.

We set course together.
Everyone has a say on what ideas to test and which projects to take on.

What do we do?

AQ builds digital services and products to help people unlock the potential in themselves and the world around them by stimulating the imagination, revealing possibilities and amplifying action.

A few things we're working on right now
• Running apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear
• A Slack-powered publishing tool for small teams
• An onboarding flow for a language learning app