The technology has been adapt to society,and advance the world.
Analytics by Deep Learning・Tokyo, Japan・11 to 50 employees
Who are we?

[We make Deep Learning technology practical] At LeapMind, Inc. we work on making Deep Learning technology easy to use by building a specialized platform. Then, Deep Learning can be utilized in the real world to advance the world one step ahead. We develop technology for computation compression and distributed intelligence to run in a small computing environment. It enables us to apply this technology to IoT devices and robots. Therefore we can see a world where everything is connected. Instead of "research for research", our philosophy is "research for practical use".

What do we do?

[Planting intelligence in all things, to advance human life one step ahead] With the Internet being ever-present, all things (not only PCs) are connected to the Internet. In the near future, the time will come, when various things that are connected to the Internet behave like having true intelligence. As a building block technology for that, “Deep Learning” has attracted lots of attention recently. However, it is complicated and cumbersome to deal with “Deep Learning". We develop a specialized platform for this technology to make it easily and quickly integrated in real life applications. Let's build ”the age of IoT” together.

[Many experiments and deep research] LeapMind, Inc. provides an environment where you can do extensive research. We will dive in deeper in order to improve the world. We believe that it should not only be "research for the company", but "research for the society".

[State-of-the-art technology] Deep Learning is an advanced technology. We provide our engineers skills that will be more valuable. Instead of "routine implementation of existing technology", let's do “new implementation of the state-of-the-art technology".

LeapMind,Inc.'s Opportunities
  • Full Time
    Researcher, Engineer・Tokyo, Japan・Full Time

    *You develop technical methods for clients' demands, and pave the way to resolve problems.

    *You are going to work on Deep Learning (Machine Learning) applications that could be used in the REAL WORLD.

    *You are able to understand the mathematical foundation of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.


    *Having strong interests and some knowledge of Deep Learning (Machine Learning)

    *University degree in Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Computer Vision, or related topics.

    *Japanese language proficiency at level N3 (minimum)

    *You are looking for an long-term perspective.


    *Salary : 230,000 JPY / Month ~ (depending on your ability)

    *Allowance : Commute (there is an upper limit)

    *Place : Tokyo Shibuya-ku

    *Work Style : 5 days work week (Saturday, Sunday, Public holiday off)

    *Holidays : Paid vacation, Summer vacation, Year-end vacation, Special leave for weddings and funerals