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Japan Foodie K.K.
Tokyo, Japan
Restaurant Discovery
# of Employees
Who are we?

We are an experienced entrepreneurial founding team, having raised tens of millions of dollars in Japan, China, and Taiwan in our previous startups. We have strong partnership contacts, and just finished raising our seed round. After our initial traction and the concept is proven we will raise a significant Series A round and look to grow the app globally. We are determined to be number one. With our deep experience, contacts, and ambition we want to get there with you.

Our team has recently released the initial version of our app and can be downloaded here: corp.japanfoodie.jp

We're looking for very capable, very entrepreneurial founding members to join our team and make a real impact.

What do we do?

We are a very early stage startup looking to streamline discovery and payment for restaurants, bars, and clubs for tourists visiting Japan. Imagine the Uber / Airbnb for wealthy tourists in Japan.

Our app is in late stages of alpha development and we are looking to launch the beta version in March. The UI will be seamless. We have exclusive contracts with Online Union Pay to target the increasing number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan. We are aiming at the top end of the market with only the most exclusive restaurant and club destinations. We already have over 50+ high end restaurants signed up as initial partners.