Borrow Designer Handbags for an Unlimited Period of Time
Tokyo, Japan
Who are we?

Handbag is an important component of fashion, which is why we would like to you to have the perfect bag to match with your outfit.

Coordinating outfits coordinate with clothes, shoes and accessories is easy. However, it is harder to get our hands on the perfect bag simply because they are expensive. Laxus is an App that brings a solution to this.

Laxus provide a selection of over 5,000 different designer bags within the touch of your finger.

Welcome to your dream closet Laxus!

Laxus's Opportunities
  • Full Time
    Japan・Full Time

    You will be responsible for developing Laxus IOS and Android app.

    • Experience in developing IOS and Android apps with Java.
    • Strong passion for building high-quality user interface.
    • The ability to make key engineering decisions in agile workflow.