Lumiscaphe K.K.
Developping real-time and virtual 3D imaging software tools
Industrial 3D Software・Tokyo, Japan
Who are we?

Lumiscaphe is a fast-growing French company which develops real-time and virtual reality 3D imaging software tools mainly intended for the design, marketing and engineering departments of the industry sector.

What do we do?

Our key expertise areas are digital aspect mockups and photorealistic 3D rendering. Created in 2001, Lumiscaphe has a small and dynamic team of 30 people in France and a yearly turnover of $ 3.6 million. In a continuous effort to come up to its customers’ expectations, Lumiscaphe not only develops high-performing software, but also tailors it to the specific needs of its customers. The high quality of its products and services has already convinced key industrial accounts such as Toyota, Daiahtsu, Apple, Comac, Olympus or Stelia. Lumiscaphe sells its products worldwide, mostly in Europe, Asia and America. Since 2007, the company has been present in Japan and a subsidiray has been created in 2012.

Lumiscaphe K.K.'s Opportunities
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