KAMARQ (カマルク)
IoT furniture venture that produces a new product that combines furniture and IT.
IoT, Internet of Things, Smart Home, Furniture・Singapore
Who are we?

At KAMARQ we develop furniture that creates space in your life. By combining different functions into a single, beautiful form, we provide people with the space to discover new freedoms and embark on new journeys.

What do we do?

At KAMARQ, we support a sustainable, "Buy Less" lifestyle. By combining multiple functions in a single product, we replace two things with one, and expand the world a little. That's the idea behind the "Buy Less" philosophy.

If you have a table that plays beautiful music, you can reclaim the space occupied by speaker cabinets and audio racks. If you have a chair that monitors your weight and vital signs, you can relax more and enjoy the peace of mind that good health brings. With a single product, your world can expand both physically and psychologically. That's the kind of product we pledge to create.

At KAMARQ, we never sacrifice features or functions just for the sake of simplicity. Instead, we use creative intelligence and cutting-edge technology to seamlessly fuse multiple functions into a single product. Because to make life better, the world needs a little more space.

The KAMARQ "Buy Less" philosophy shapes every product we create, expanding your world, and making it a better place.

KAMARQ (カマルク)'s Opportunities
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