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Travelience inc
Tokyo, Japan
# of Employees
1 to 10 employees
Who are we?

Our 6 full time members include 3 Japanese , our Argentine CTO, our Thai video creator, and our Brazilian web designer. So our office environment is a mix of Japanese and English.
If we include members working from home, our team comes to a total of 14 people.
We aim to add a few more full time members to our team this year.

Lunch is free! We cook the organic vegetables that get delivered to our office every week, and once a month we go and have drinks (on the house for the staff), and we have a kickoff party with all the guides bi-annually, so we have a pretty laid back working atmosphere.

What do we do?

We provide the services below for foreigners visiting Japan
1. Managing “Triplelights” https://triplelights.com, a tour marketplace that connects foreigners visiting Japan with tour guides.
It’s featured on CNET. http://japan.cnet.com/news/service/35046839/
2. Managing “Planetyze” http://planetyze.com/en, an internet based guidebook that introduces Japan with videos.
It’s featured on THE BRIDGE http://thebridge.jp/2015/04/planetyze-showcases-hidden-travel-destinations
3. Providing Day Tours from Tokyo “Travelience” http://travelience.com
Receives the “Award of Excellence” from TripAdvisor every year.