Tokyo, Japan
Mobility IoT
# of Employees
1 to 10 employees
Office map
Office space
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Who are we?

At PSYGIG, we help engineers make better software for Mobility IoT.

PSYGIG is a SaaS platform for understanding Mobility IoT like humanoid robots and connected cars.

Previously, our team worked on big data analytic solutions at YCombinator-backed startups in Silicon Valley and hardware systems at engineering firms in Japan.

What do we do?

PSYGIG bring the data from your cars, drones, and robots onto the cloud so you can process and build data-driven applications.

We make more valuable data accessible sooner.
We help process data faster and cheaper.
We help investigate and solve problems.


PSYGIG's Mission: Accelerate Data-Driven Robotics.

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At PSYGIG, our core values are: Accelerate. Adapt. Committed. Future. Open.

First of all, we design our company to be a place for accelerating your career development. Because we are tackling challenging problems for engineers who do amazing things, you will be growing and working with others who would challenge you to do your very best. To help you prepare for the future, we hold regular skill training sessions, one-on-one meetings, workshops, etc.

We enjoy being dynamic and adapting to ever-changing business environments and technology innovations. Yet, we are committed to our promises to customers, partners, and team members. That is because we always plan for the long term and see every relationships as long term as well.

We expect you to be open for new opportunities despite a chance of failure. We believe in transparency and having everyone on the same page. Please come join us If you share our visions, passions, and beliefs.