Pocket Marche
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

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Experienced back end engineer for C2C marketplace

Experienced front end engineer for C2C marketplace

Who we are

A small startup of about 15 people, funded, looking to expand our team in order to accelerate growth. We are based in Tokyo, and all members except 1 person are Japanese.

What we do

Pocket Marche is an online marketplace connecting food producers directly with consumers. Consumers can buy directly from farmers or fishermen, getting fresher products, access to non standard varieties and in general higher quality produce. Producers can increase their margin, hear directly from their consumers and get recognition for their hard labor, and be able to sell non standard produce (such as cucumbers who are not perfectly straight, which are otherwise not accepted by supermarkets and would need to be thrown away). Our app works to promote local businesses, celebrate seasonality and educate consumers, reducing the waste of produce that does not meet mainstream aesthetic standards. We showcase growing conditions and profile producers, giving farmers and fisherman the opportunity to generate revenue by engaging directly with consumers for a more personable transaction.


- We are a young (the company, not so much the staff), energetic and ambitious start-up with a social business model. This means our prime aim is not to maximize profits (although generating profits is a must), but to address a social problem: the collapse of the Japanese primary sector. - We are totally data-driven, which means decisions are made based on data, not on company politics, guts or position. - We manage the organization using Holacracy, a decentralized organic management system. You can learn more about Holacracy here: https://medium.com/@piotrmajchrzak/our-holacracy-experience-what-it-is-and-why-it-works-564a36bdfbd7 - Remote work is allowed several days a week. - Flexible working hours: core time of 12-5, outside those hours work when you want as long as you work 40 hours a week. - Win sessions every Thursday evening. - No unnecessary, unending meetings - Strategy is based on 3-month OKR: you always know what your goals are and don't spend time on unimportant tasks.


In Japan, farming and fishing is on the verge of collapse. Only 1.4% of the population are farmers, with this number set to decline rapidly due to the lack of younger generations involved in the industry*. If this trend remains the same, Japan will lose part of its agriculture, along with certain delicacies. At the same time, Almost 30% of fruit and vegetables in the world are wasted because of how they look. The National Geographic recently revealed this waste would be enough to feed two billion people. Ultimately, we want to pave the way for new generations of farmers to do what they love and get the social recognition and remuneration they deserve. To do so, we need to trigger a drastic change of mindset in order to save Japan’s agriculture and the key to our success will be blending producers with consumers to create life-long relationships.